Friday, 20 September 2013

Sample daily menu (or) daily schedule for our little ones (6 Months Onwards)

This is just a sample menu. You can always include varieties of home made foods and also foods that your kids most prefer too.

Some pointers to note:
  • Just ensure that no fruits are fed after 4.00 PM (even if steam cooked).
  • An apple a day is must. And avocados whenever possible. (They are both high sources of nutrition.)
  • Eggs at least on alternate days.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, then add fish / meat atleast once a week.
  • Method of preparation of various items are detailed another post of mine.
  • Water is an elixir. You can start giving water from 7th month. Give them lots of water (boiled and cooled). Initially with a cup and sppon and then you can start using a sipper.

From 6 months + to 8 months

Start with Nestum Rice (one spoon) for all three times a day for 1 week. Then increase the quantity (two spoons) for 1 more week. From week 3 you can start adding other varieties to the menu.

Nestum rice is recommended by PEDs because it does not contain any milk powder (this will rule out problems of indigestions and milk allergies). It's a baked food and makes digestion easy for your baby.

You can use expressed milk to mix with the food. And motherfeed the baby whenever possible during the day too. (Like before their day's sleep routines).

8 months + to 12 months
  • Start including non-veg: Egg (Only fully boiled. Yolks first then whites.), Mutton, Fish
  • Increase the amount of food intake. Carrot juice / mutton soup / veg soup can be mixed with rice / cereals itself
  • You can also motherfeed the baby whenever possible as during the above stage

1 Year onwards
  • Baby must be able to eat our regular diet with less spice.
  • The consistency and the variety of foods can be increased. But ensure that your little one gets a well balanced diet daily.
  • Fruit juices (like pomegranate, apple, carrot) of 40-50 ml can be included in small amounts during mid-morning playtime (or) during post-lunch playtime.
  • The foods need not be in mashed form. It can be in a slight coarse form.
  • The only health drink available in market today for 1 yr old is Junior Horlicks. Hence this can be taken twice a day - once early morning (only if needed - as this must not hamper the breakfast schedule) and once at night. 
  • Reduce the day time naps to once (by 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm). And ensure 9-10 hours of night sleep. (But you can always put them to sleep whenever they are tired and need rest.)

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